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5 benefits of Coworking

5 Benefits of Coworking:

Are you tired of working from home? Have had enough of moving from coffee shop to coffee shop? Maybe you have just had enough of the rigidity that comes with long term office space leases – well Coworking may be for you.

This change could be the inspiration you need to improve your quality of life and increase business productivity. Here’s 5 reasons why:

Networking and collaborating: Coworking gives you access to immediate networking opportunities, both professionally and personally. When you are Coworking you will become part of a diverse community of professionals, from a variety of business sectors and walks of life. These communities are both encouraging and resourceful as members can trade services and support each other whenever possible.

Avoiding loneliness: It is very easy for freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs to suffer from loneliness, especially given the fact that it has become more and more common for people to work up to 12 hours days. By working in a Coworking space, you will benefit from the interactions with the other members, social events and business events too. Working from home can be restricting, lonely and quite frankly, boring – surround yourself with like-minded people and join a Coworking space!

Increased Productivity: Sometimes, just getting up in the morning and dressing for work is enough to get you in “work mode” and facilitate a productive day. Many people who do not work in an office can get complacent, allowing distractions to reduce their productivity. By being part of a working community, you assign a certain amount of accountability, giving you incentive to dress right, arrive early and work hard. This can only benefit your business!

Flexibility: The traditional working environment stipulates a set structure, with regards to the days tasks and hours whereas Coworking encourages flexibility. A flexible environment with various seating options, meeting rooms and facilities, plus 24/7 access. In addition, there are no long term leases, with simple monthly rolling contracts. Coworking understands that every day business requires you to adapt and therefore offers a space that facilitates this.

Education opportunity and events: Coworking businesses actively encourage networking through a variety of community events ensuring that our members maximise the benefits that come with being part of the community. Business growth and quality are life are key to a successful community! This can subsequently increase marketing and revenue opportunities, as well as broadening your horizons through access to enriching material. You will have fast and easy access (mostly free) to interesting events and education opportunities ranging from lectures about entrepreneurship and startups, to yoga sessions and happy hours!

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The Benefits

Super-fast Internet

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Social Events

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