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7 Tips For Creating your own Co-Working Office Space in Downside?

In the modern era of working, one of the most useful resources available to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners is Coworking spaces – like our office space in Downside.

What is a coworking office space in Downside and how can you create one?

A coworking space is a shared work environment where people can work, alongside other businesses, and network. Such a space enables its members to share ideas and collaborate.

Not only do these facilities offer an inspiring and encouraging environment but they also give independent contractors and businesses who tend to travel a lot the required flexibility to nurture their business and keep overheads down.

The beauty of coworking spaces like our office space in Downside is that each and every individual space is its own microclimate of business activity and network, with its own personality, as dictated by its members.

Some are industry-specific, whereas others are extremely diverse, enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to find a solution that best suits them and their company.
If our office space in Downside or other local Coworking facilities aren’t suitable, then we encourage professionals to create a community of their own and here are some tips:

1. Focus on Community first.

Do your research and ensure that you have the right demand in your area. Before building our office space in Downside, we created online focus groups to determine whether there was a community of small business and entrepreneurs who would be interested in a local facility. This forms a solid foundation of “thinking about your community”, which is an ethos that is vital to maintain.

2. Location is key.

When it comes to business resources, particularly those for dynamic entrepreneurs and small business owners, convenience is everything. You will want a space that is convenient, safe and easy to find. Look for underutilised space to benefit from an inexpensive, close to other amenities and transport links.

3. Utilities before furniture.

A cool and inspiring design is important but more important is providing the right utilities. Again, convenience is key and the right technology can really contribute to this. High-speed internet, business class printers, meeting rooms with online booking system and a reliable telephone system are all necessary to ensure optimum performance. All of which we have at our Coworking office space in Downside.

4. Local, then beyond.

Even if your co-work space is not intended as a profit generator for you, you still need to market it like a business. Creating the right marketing strategy that attracts the right type of person isvital. Market initially to grow a local community before then looking to spread the word further afield – many travelling business men and women look to coworking spaces in destination cities as a place to work and network.

5. Consult other founders.

If you are still unsure or have particular problem areas, consider contacting other Coworking spaces in other cities that service a similar target market to yours. The foundation of Coworking is collaboration and fellow founders will share this ethos, meaning that they will be more than happy to help and share experience. When opening our Coworking office space in Downside, we looked all over for advice, from online resource and other buildings.

The coworking industry is growing rapidly, worldwide, so whether you join or create one, it is definitely time that you got involved. There is extremely good evidence of their popularity and rightly so. With their inspiring design, diverse members and vital flexibility, it is the future of workspace.

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