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How Working in a Co-Working Office Space in Walton on Thames Can Be Beneficial For Your Health.

Thanks to ever-improving technology, most of us can work from almost anywhere. Not only freelancers either as more and more companies are becoming flexible with working hours and are even allowing people to work from home or co-working office spaces like our office space in Walton on Thames!
One problem that freelancers may face is isolation, whereas a co-working facility, such as Accrue Workplaces, can save many remote workers from a severe bout of cabin fever!

how working in a co-working office space in Walton on Thames can be benefit your health:

• Social Interaction.

Although working alone can have its benefits, one of the biggest drawbacks for freelancers is the lack of social interaction. In many cases, those working from home will not have any social interaction from day to day and aside from the exchange of business communication, they are locked in their own minds. This can lead to people feeling withdrawn and lonely. Working in a shared office space in Walton on Thamescan help freelancers feel less alienated, reassuring them that they can feel part of something bigger, even when working alone.

• Flexibility.

Flexibility is one of the reasons that people choose to freelance. Shared office spaces offer flexibility in space type, membership type and lease terms. Many even offer access to multiple buildings. The option is flexible and yet you still have the basic requirements of desk, Wi-Fi and laptop to be the most efficient that you can be. Flexibilityis beneficial to health because people don’t feel tied down. It means that they can work their day according their own schedule.

• Physical Health Benefits.

Many self-employed or freelance workers can get stuck in a monotonous routine that results in them working themselves to death and never leaving home. By having a place to be, whether that’s a short walk away or a commute into the city, freelancers are actually being encouraged to get moving. They may choose to cycle or walk but either way, they’re out of the house and active. At our office space in Walton on Thames, we even offer a weekly fitness camp for members!

• Networking Opportunities.

Nothing is better for a freelancer’s health and mindset than the prospect of new business and clients. Working in a shared office space can lead to networking opportunities as you are exposed to countless other professionals and opportunity. Juts by getting up and leaving the house, you increase the chances of beneficial encounters. Many even benefit from work relationships blossoming in to personal ones.

• Improved Mental Health.

A shared office space provides the working atmosphere that a freelancer may be missing from a conventional office or their own space at home. At our office space in Walton on Thames, we take responsibility for ensuring that the environment is enjoyable and inspiring. We want people to love the place they work and feel that members benefit mentally from this. Whether it is the sound of other members working or bumping in to our community manager, our members feel part of something bigger.

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