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A new Co-working space in Downside

You think you want to work from home…Believe me, you don’t! Forget that idea and head for a co-working space in Downside, Cobham!

Why would you choose to work from home, when The Long Barn, a co-working space in Downside, is just around the corner! Cut out the commute into London, and enjoy your commute to work through rural Downside.

This doesn’t mean you will be isolated, our free shuttle bus service connects The Long Barn to local transport links, so that our members have convenient access to Central London when required.

Do you like the idea of working from home and the freedom it may bring? In reality working from home, for the majority of business professionals, is an awful experience.

Why? Because it is extremely lonely.and demotivating! Entirely different from the image that they had created in their minds whilst on their monotonous daily commute, year after year.

8 hours, when you are alone, confined by the four walls of your home office, is a very long time. An environment that becomes more tedious than any commute, as your work and home life blend and distractions persevere, results in something unlike productivity.

Does this mean that in order to have an inspiring environment to run your business, you must endure the dreaded commute?Of course not!

In this era, where work seems to dominate our lives and more time is spent at work than anywhere else, surely we owe it to ourselves to ensure that we choose an environment that we enjoy and take inspiration from… 

The answer is our co-working space in Downside, Surrey.


The founders of Accruefelt that the growing co-working trend was somewhat exclusive to city centres, whilstmore residential suburbs were missing out.

Accrue was founded to create communities of forward thinking, productive and sociable business people, in residential, London suburb communities. Our shared open plan work space encourages as much collaboration as possible, offering our members a social yet extremely productive work environment.

Ultimately, the goal was to create a workspace that each and every one of our members could be proud to call their own, whilst also ensuring that the same people would be excited at the prospect of coming to work.

Any of our Accrue members that have joined us at our co-working space in Downsidewill tell you that they haven’t looked back. Not only is their work life more productive but by eliminating the need for a commute, time spent at home is increased and work/ home life balance is restored, which we feel is the ultimate measure of professional success.

If you are interested in popping in for a coffee and claiming your free 7 day trial, please contact our community manager Lauren using the details below!

T: 01932 503259



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The Benefits

Super-fast Internet

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Daily Cleaning

24/7 Building Access

Business-Class Printers

Front Desk Service

Social Events

Cafe & Breakout Area

Private Phones / Work Stations

Office Supplies

Mail Handling

Room To Grow

Shuttle bus to transport links

Meeting Room Facilities

Diverse Inspiring Community

Free Onsite Parking

All inclusive office usage on one, simple monthly fee, with no hidden costs.