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Work Life balance and a Co-working space in Esher

Why you should use Co-working space in Esher to improve your Work Life balance.

Go to school, go to school some more, run up some debt and then go get yourself a regular job to pay it off. This is the societal norm and the reality for many, however, your career doesn’t need to be this predictable, strict and potentially limiting. Here, at our Co-working space in Esher, we feel that peoples careers should serve them both financially and emotionally.

Work, can of course be demanding at times but is should never become a priority over your personal wellbeing. It is very easy to get caught up in the relentless professional pressures but it’s also important to take time for yourself, family, loved ones and hobbies.

It is futile working 10 hour days in an uninspiring environment if you are neglecting the things in life that keep you motivated and passionate. Our Co-working space in Esher has a growing community of individuals who understand this and are pursuing their passions.

Taking control allows you to evaluate the way in which you work and to see where it is possible to improve your work-life balance. In truth, there isn’t a perfect balance and each day will inevitably vary but by pursuing your interests and passions, there will not be such a divide between work life and “life” life, meaning you will find it much easier to find the time for both.

It is important to constantly reassess your goals vs your priorities. The key to finding balance is allowing yourself to be open to change. Be dynamic, fight the monotonous approach that we are taught to pursue. For many of our members, being part of a Co-working space in Esher gives them the freedom and flexibility to make dynamic decisions and succeed in finding balance.

Simply by cutting the commute from your daily routine, this Co-working space inEshergives you time back at the beginning and end of your day, whilst also removing a dictating constant from your schedule, encouraging a little more spontaneity – not to mention saving you a few pennies to spend on something you love.

Find something you love and come pursue it as part of our Co-working space in Esher community. You control your schedule and you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals, who also want to find professional success, whilst enjoying it along the way.

We have a full schedule ofbusiness and social events, allowing you to be both efficient during your time in the office and also to cultivate an environment that will make you want to show up on a Monday.

It’s no longer cool to tirelessly work 60 hour weeks, simply being busy for the sake of being busy. People are starting to realise that the real value is finding a way to not work hard, but to work smart and you do that by finding balance. Come and be part of this growing trend at our Co-working space in Esher. It won’t feel like work but it will get you out of the house!

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