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Businesswomen and a Co-working space in Guildford

Why are women in business thriving in a Co-working space in Guildford?

Over the past year, there has been an increase in the number of women-only offices opening their doors around the world. Stockholm was the first, then New York, and in the past six months, no less than four such spaces have opened here in London. Now, we are bringing a Co-working space in Guildford.

It’s being called the ‘sub-trend in the rise of coworking spaces’ by Bloomberg. What is the appeal? Why are women choosing to work in ‘offices without men’?

Should half the population of males be offended? Here at our Co-working space in Guildford, we think, and hope, not. Whilst sexism in the workplace is a very serious issue, this is something different.

How we have made this happen in our Co-working space in Guildford?


We are proud to say that here at Accrue Workplaces, we have our very own “women in business area”. To be clear, we intend to maintain an environment that is diverse and inspiring, with a mix of all genders, races, personalities and businesses but we also felt a small area, dedicated to create a female driven micro community, gives the opportunity for a group of women in business to thrive and grow together. 

At our Co-working space in Guildford, we do not underestimate the power of women connecting and supporting each other at work, so we want to support women at work and feel that in joining this ‘sub-trend of coworking spaces’, we can do so.

Women in business face their own unique issues when it comes to juggling their growing companies with their personal lives and it seems obvious to us that having a likeminded community who are dealing with the same pressures around them, inspires these women to succeed.

This area is about women empowering other women to be better, stronger and more successful. It is about creating a safe, inspiring and comfortable environment, where women in business can thrive in a Co-working space in Guildfordand focus on their work.

Kate Heaney, founder of Adaptas Ltd, was the first to join our ‘women-only workspace’ and said this:

After I had my second child, I really struggled to find flexible or part time employment in Finance so ended up working full time and trying to juggle everything. It was a stressful time for both my family and I. A big part of setting up Adaptas was to be able to create that flexible work environment that I needed. As Adaptas has grown and I have begun hiring staff, I am now able to share my work environment with other parents.  I have 4 fabulous women who work with me on a part time flexible basis. Bookkeeping in the Cloud lends itself to flexibility and The Long Barn has provided a warm, friendly and beautiful base for my staff to come in and work with me when it suits or from home when it doesn’t.”

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