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The new Co-working space in Leatherhead

Finally, there is a Co-working space in Leatherhead, as flexible options are about to take over traditional office space!

There are currently 14,411 coworking spaces in the world and shared workspaces have grown at a dramatic rate of 200% over the last 5 years.

In global cities, such as London, they are expanding at an annual rate of 20%, meaning that Co-working is now well and truly an integral part of the market.

Similarly, Co-working facilities in residential “commuter zones” will soon become less of a rarity, with the growth of businesses within this sector forecasted to show to a healthy growth rate of 15% over the coming years. Our Co-working space in Leatherhead is getting on board early with this trend!

As the demands of everyday life, both professionally and personally, steadily intensify, many people no longer have the time for commuting – a problem that our Co-working space in Leatherhead is hoping to alleviate for the surrounding community.

Coworking is the 4th industrial revolution and it is being driven by the way in which we now work. Work life and home life are becoming increasingly integrated and for this reason, people can no longer justify a commute or a stifling corporate environment. Instead, they want an inspiring, flexible space, built around offering user convenience. Our Co-working space in Leatherhead is Surrey’s answer.

Research shows that by 2020 50% of large companies will have some form of shared office space and we are already seeing an influx of members who are part of these big corporate organisations, yet they working remotely, from our Co-working space in Leatherhead. This saves money and increases employee efficiency.

You can’t have coworking without community, it is simply a juxtaposition as members inherently collaborate and we feel this is one of the draws for large companies.Large companies are at risk of becoming insular but by exposing employees to other companies and ideas, innovation and breeds. This can only be good for these companies and our economy as a whole.

In addition, 89% of people who co-work reported being happier in their workplace. It is a place in which people are enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs, feel valued and contribute to the community atmosphere. We are so proud to have achieved this at out Co-working space in Leatherhead.

One final reason for the rise in Co-working andserviced office spaces is the economical aspect. No need to incur the large upfront costs for long term leases, fit out, furnishings and general upkeep. In addition, building costs such as wifi, telephones, rates, utilities and cleaning are also shared amongst members.

Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly community managers, who will book you in for a tour of our Co-working space in Leatherhead, The Long Barn. We will even throw in a free espresso coffee.

Also currently offering a no obligation 7 day free trial, call or email now to claim!

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