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Co-working Space in Weybridge is perfect for your startup

So, you have just started your business, now you are asking yourself – where am I going to work?

Understandably, due to cash flow, a lot of start-up owners will decide to run their business from home but we want to weigh up whether there is more value in trying to grow your new business in a coworking space. Accrue Workplaces have a Co-working space in Weybridge and have asked a number of members what they think…

Whilst most noted that they understood the initial financial concerns of start-up owners and the temptation to cut costs by working at home, they made a few compelling arguments for resisting the urge and entering a Co-working space instead.

One obvious reason is that the goal of most start-ups is to grow. In order to do this, you need room, which many homes do not offer. Many start-up owning members at our Co-working space in Weybridge have come on board with a single desk and within months, made use of our flexible memberships to grow their team exponentially. Even better, those who then decide that they need slim down, can surrender desks with just a full month’s notice.

Another point that many home working building tourers make to us is that they struggle to separate their home life from their work life. Surely, in a time when work days are longer and the divide between business and personal becomes more and more blurred, keeping a clear split between the environments in which you pursue these separate endeavours is vital in maintaining balance?

Many shy away from moving their new business into an office environment simply because it can be quite overwhelming. With lease contracts, fit out, maintenance and long term financial commitment to the building, facilities, and amenities, who wants to take that risk?

Our Co-working space in Weybridge


Members pay a single monthly fee for complete building usage, including 24/7 access, excellent facilities and a comprehensive list of amenities (including meeting rooms!). All on a monthly rolling basis. This flexibility and transparent pricing give our members the security they need to grow.

For most, the biggest advantage of working in a shared space is the community. The age old cliché of, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, is extremely relevant when it comes to business. Simply placing yourself in our Co-working space in Weybridge ensures that you are exposed to a diverse group of professionals, with almost limitless support. These spaces are a hot bed of ideas, incubating the businesses within.

Irrespective of that, you may even make some new friends!

For more and more people, Co-working is now the answer. This fast growing trend gives business people everything that they need to grow. From the physical and financial flexibility to the inspiring, sociable and productive community, Co-working is the future of workspace.

Many cities are already embracing this growing trend, with a vast variety of options on offer but what if you do not fancying the long, expensive regular. Look no further, our Co-working space in Weybridge could be the answer, offering local residents access to this innovative product, on their doorstep.

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The Benefits

Super-fast Internet

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Daily Cleaning

24/7 Building Access

Business-Class Printers

Front Desk Service

Social Events

Cafe & Breakout Area

Private Phones / Work Stations

Office Supplies

Mail Handling

Room To Grow

Shuttle bus to transport links

Meeting Room Facilities

Diverse Inspiring Community

Free Onsite Parking

All inclusive office usage on one, simple monthly fee, with no hidden costs.