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The Top Things That People are Looking For in our Coworking Office Space in Esher

According to a report published by the commercial real estate agent JLL, flexible coworking office space will account for 30% of all office stock by 2030. With that, the coworking industry is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning providers are being forced to up their game and this is what customers are after…

Our Office Space in Esher is All About Location:

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t exactly apply to a Coworking space as community and convenience is so important. On a macro level, does your area have the right demographic of professionals to benefit? Luckily for us, Esher does.

Then you need to consider access and amenities. Our office space has transport links, parking, good restaurants and other key amenities, all close by, which is vital for prospective members when choosing a space.

A Thriving Community:

Community is vital and one of your key differentiators when opening a coworking space and represents the added value that a member receives when entering our coworking office space in Esher, rather than a traditional office or working from home.

This is a double edged sword – firstly, you can make the right connections with the local community to ensure that your members are able to benefit from other local businesses. Whether that means half price yoga or 10% at the local coffee shop, your members rely on you to negotiate perks.

Secondly, by growing your own community of inspiring and successful businesses internally, members have access to an environment that cultivates energy, support and productivity. This is priceless.


When you move in to our coworking office space in Esher, you feel supported from day 1. We ensure that our amenities better that of any other space locally, as we understand how much our members value convenience, so that they can focus on their businesses.

The obvious is super-fast internet and reliable utilities but in addition to that; we offer kitchens with free snacks, tea and coffee, rentable meeting rooms, telephones, printers, scanners, mailing, quiet pods, showers and a shuttle bus. I’m sure you can think of more that we haven’t considered?

Flexibility and Room to Grow:

Many people first consider a coworking space during the early stage of their business when cash flow is sensitive and monthly rolling rentals are invaluable. It’s true, this is an obvious benefit and one of the key reasons behind the rapid growth of coworking but a coworking space is much more than that.

Our office space in Esher is purpose built, with a range of different work environments, intended to cater for businesses or all sizes and types. More than that, we have thrown away the traditional office rental structure and instead offer our members the option of 4 separate usage options, with variable prices.

This flexibility gives members the chance to grow and ensure that their workspace suits their business operations in real time. Whether it is a question of cash flow or required space, our office space in Esher will bend to suit the business needs.

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The Benefits

Super-fast Internet

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Daily Cleaning

24/7 Building Access

Business-Class Printers

Front Desk Service

Social Events

Cafe & Breakout Area

Private Phones / Work Stations

Office Supplies

Mail Handling

Room To Grow

Shuttle bus to transport links

Meeting Room Facilities

Diverse Inspiring Community

Free Onsite Parking

All inclusive office usage on one, simple monthly fee, with no hidden costs.