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Find out how using a coworking office space in Great Bookham can cut your commute time and improve your health

Throughout England and Wales, over 24 million people commute to work each day, with the average commuting time being 56 minutes. This means up to 2 hours per day, in the car, on the train or some other mode of transport and with studies showing that long term commutes can affect health and wellbeing by increasing stress and blood pressure, we are concerned!

How can an office space in Great Bookham help alleviate this potential risk?

We are bringing premium, London style shared office space to residential suburbs of London, meaning our members can cowork, without the commute. By using an office space in Great Bookham, you can immediately reduce your commute time and instead, allocate more to your own health and wellbeing.

Not only do our members eliminate the damaging stress that is associated to a long commute in to central London, they give themselves the time to actually physically improve their health. Immediately, that extra hour per day can be used for exercising, an enriching hobby, spending time with the family, or even sleeping.

On the topic of exercise, by choosing to work in our office space in Great Bookham, may local residents are able to ditch the car, bus or train and instead cycle walk or run in to work. With time so precious, it makes perfect sense to take what is otherwise dead commuting time and turn it in to a positive exercise opportunity.

It is also true that we all need a good level of positive social interaction to stay healthy – both mentally and physically. Many, who could work remotely from anywhere, are still forced to commute in to town in search of vibrant workspace with inspiring communities. By opening our office space in Great Bookham, we are giving local consultants and entrepreneurs that much needed escape from loneliness, a little closer to home.

Another nod to this theory is obvious recognition amongst large corporates. Google were a pioneer but many have followed, as they seemed to have acknowledged that a one size fits all, 9 to 5 approach doesn’t actually yield the greatest worker output. As a result, may employees aren’t expected in the office every day and can work flexible hours, from multiple locations.

This is largely due to more expensive office space and a greater level of employee accountability through tech developments but it is also important to note that this decision has equally been based upon a recognition of employee wellbeing.

Reduced pressure means reduced stress, which in turn means a healthier and more effective employee. This coworking office space in Great Bookham gives corporate

employees an excellent environment to work, when not venturing in to the office

Ultimately, the dream for most is to work from home as it eliminates the commute, reduces pressure and facilitates a greater work-life balance but the reality is often a lonely and unproductive one. Our aim is to bring a shared office space in Great Bookham that gives members a happy medium – efficiency and convenience.

Here at Accrue Workplaces, we recognised the need for more local working spaces in suburbs of London. With many different membership options, there is always something that will work for your business requirements!

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