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Planning to be successful with Luke Vincent

Planning your business to be successful with Luke Vincent of Belucent

Ignite your brand purpose and unlock 10x more growth

‘We are here for the future heroes, the challengers, the ones with an idea in their head, fire in their belly and a will to succeed. We are here for the creators, the true believers, the ones that have the courage to take that step forward. We are here to help the entrepreneur in you make an impact.’ – Belucent.

On Thursday 26th July we had Luke Vincent, an award-winning brand strategist and purpose pioneer visit us here at The Long Barn.

Luke offered our clients a free one-hour group training session with Q&A’s, followed by five one to one sessions. This session was not only a great opportunity for our clients to receive free professional advice from Luke on how to develop their brand to make it purposeful, but a chance for them to meet their fellow co-workers and learn more about them and their businesses.

It is normally costly for companies to gain added insight on how to develop their brand, whether it is new or existing. But here at Accrue we like to offer our client’s new and exciting chances to partake in free specialist workshops.

In this talk our Accrue Members learnt:

  • A simple way to think about brands that even non-marketers will understand.
  • The 4 key elements you must have to build a purposeful brand and attract better clients.
  • Why this is so important today. What has changed and why this is the essential strategy to succeed in the future.
  • Specific steps you can take today to build those 4 key elements.
  • The 4 deadly mistakes that many people are making right now.

Due to such excellent feedback from our client’s Luke will be back by popular demand at The Long Barn soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the next date that Luke will be running yet another free workshop to our Accrue Members.

 “The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit” Richard Branson.

  • Purpose builds trust. So you can attract better customers.
  • Purpose unlocks motivation. So you can attract and inspire the best talent.
  • Purpose changes how you think so you can unlock new sources of growth.
  • A business built on purpose will be your greatest legacy.

A bit more about Luke:

Luke Vincent is an award-winning brand strategist and purpose pioneer. For almost 20 years he has helped businesses large and small create brands that drive results. Luke has advised on over £100 Billion of brand value. He has helped global businesses such as Diageo, EY, Tetley and M&S. And many smaller firms, including mentoring start-ups.

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