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How the self-employed stay on track in a shared office space in Guildford?

Here we look at the benefits of working in a shared office space in Guildford.

Self-discipline is key when you’re self-employed. There’s no chance you’ll ever be able to make it as an entrepreneur if you aren’t a meticulous worker95% of the time. 

There’s a certain type of work ethic required when you work for yourself and it is key to identify the things that enable you to boost your productivity. One vital aspect is your working environment and many are finding productivity in an office space in Guildford.

If you are ever going to maintain a long term desire to work effectively and grow your business, It is very important to position yourself within a professional environment that cultivates productivity, amongst a community of likeminded and inspiring people.

Until now, unless you were willing to travel in to London, finding a Co-working office space in Guildford that offers this atmosphere wasn’t a possibility and instead, self-employed entrepreneurs  were forced to work from home or from coffee shops.

Accrue Workplaces offer beautiful shared office in Guildford for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small businesses, with variety of different flexible monthly membership options. No long term commitment, just transparent monthly rolling fees.

Memberships include access to a physical workspace and various business-related amenities like telephones, coffee, printers, private phone booths, mail handling, refreshments, kitchen access, private transport to local links and even an on-site support team. It’s a great space for like-minded creatives to work and network as they please.

For those of you looking to improve productivity, heres 5 TIPS TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK WHEN YOU’RE SELF EMPLOYED:


Set alarms – setting alarms throughout the day can help keep you on track and boost productivity. Putting a time limit on tasks means that you are less likely to procrastinate.

Get out of the house – Leaving the house and going to work at a Co-working space forces you to get dressed and get out of the house, which also enables you to stay on a more ‘normal’ work schedule. It also takes you away from the many distractions at home.

Constantly search for inspiration – to keep creativity flowing, you can read, scroll through online content and even flip through old magazines. The truth is, not many ideas are genuinely new and most come from other inspiration.

Pay attention to the competition – to keep yourself motivated. But don’t let it discourage you. You have to keep a healthy balance of being aware without being overwhelmed – it keeps you on your toes.

Set up meetings – to stay connected and build relationships. Networking is so important when you work alone and there is no better place to network than our Co-working office space in Guildford!

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The Benefits

Super-fast Internet

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Daily Cleaning

24/7 Building Access

Business-Class Printers

Front Desk Service

Social Events

Cafe & Breakout Area

Private Phones / Work Stations

Office Supplies

Mail Handling

Room To Grow

Shuttle bus to transport links

Meeting Room Facilities

Diverse Inspiring Community

Free Onsite Parking

All inclusive office usage on one, simple monthly fee, with no hidden costs.