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What is Coworking?

Since it’s birth in 2005, coworking has grown dramatically and in doing so, revolutionized the way we work. The concept has grown from a embryonic movement to an increasingly established industry, that seems to grow year on year.


Brad Neuberg first started Coworking in 2005, when he took the idea of collaborative working and moulded it into a space for developers. Since then, Coworking communities of all shapes and sizes have popped up globally, catering for all types of professionals and as the idea is nurtured, as does, it seems, the way in which we work.


So what really is Coworking? Collaborative workspaces that combine the freedom and independence of self-employment with the structure and community of traditional jobs. It is now a flourishing global movement with thousands of spaces.


Ever progressive technology has made it easier than ever for budding entrepreneurs to ditch the monotonous reality of a traditional 9 to 5 job but up until the inception of Coworking, they were condemned to their homes and coffee shops. It is a space for the consultants, freelancers, start ups and SME’s. A space that these communities can share, enjoy, be proud of and most importantly grow their businesses.


Whereas serviced offices offer the chance to rent tangible space, Coworking offers a business investment opportunity, where the product as a whole can offer a whole range of tangible and intangible benefits to a growing company.


Accrue workplaces are looking to build diverse and inspiring Coworking communities in and around residential London suburbs, starting with Cobham, Surrey. The Long Barn, our first building, will give people in the area access to a workplace they can be proud of, as well as a community and facilities that can be utilised to benefit both themselves personally and their businesses.


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The Benefits

Super-fast Internet

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Social Events

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Office Supplies

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Room To Grow

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Meeting Room Facilities

Diverse Inspiring Community

Free Onsite Parking

All inclusive office usage on one, simple monthly fee, with no hidden costs.